Calcilytic drugs and biomarkers

COPD is the third leading cause of death worldwide with no cure currently. It is well known that people who live in polluted areas suffer worsening of symptoms of lung diseases such as COPD. Particulate matter makes up a large part of this polluted air which contributes to the worsening of COPD symptoms and can be fatal. Alongside RIW, my research has been focused on testing the harmful effects of particulate matter in a range of human airway cells. I have revealed that a sensor, which is present in the lungs, can be activated by particulate matter, which has the potential to lead to worsening of COPD-like symptoms. More importantly, we have shown that a blocker of this sensor reduces COPD-like symptoms in models generated in our lab. Therefore, this blocker could provide a completely new way to treat COPD, especially for those who continually breathe polluted air.

Beth Mansfield – Cardiff University


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