Healthcare: eliminating Innovation waste

The Healthcare sector needs to maximize the impact of innovation funding and drastically improve efficiency. There is currently significant duplication in innovation from a design, development resource and funding perspective. Locating information on past and existing initiatives, publicly and privately, is difficult sometimes impossible, as legal and privacy constraints prevent public search tools from accessing private data. Literature reviews, a critical step in fundamental research, are estimated to cost £100,000 and take up to 12 months.

GENAIZAt the core of the issue of innovation waste and duplication, lies the challenge of retrieving relevant information given a user’s need. Furthermore, collaboration accelerates the innovation process and significantly enhances rich search queries and automation but is often difficult to orchestrate.

Governments and their agencies need to be able to consolidate and leverage research or innovation information with more precision and velocity. Better search tools would therefore have a significant impact on our ability to innovate faster and more efficiently, increasing social and collective well-being.

The solution: a tool that makes effective use of semantically and syntactically rich queries, that can be reproduced, versioned or shared with other users.

For more information about GENAIZ and eliminating Innovation Waste, please see their pdf data sheet here: GENAIZ – Eliminating Innovation Waste

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“GENAIZ will significantly simplify and reduce the burden of knowing the what, where and who of innovation waste, avoiding duplication and fostering collaboration. Just by touching your keyboard. Genius.”

– Philip Webb, Respiratory Innovation Wales

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