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Building a more sustainable future  

RIW are proposing a disruptive approach to defining SMART housing, as the lack of definition and a tendency for reliance on well-established technologies is causing lots of confusion and is being seen as a hinderance to its development.  RIW believes that living smarter is living better, and this concept should be the core descriptor in the definition of the SMART housing. A project to co-create and build SMART, net zero, sustainable and intelligent dwellings achieved through collaboration on a regional, national and international basis through advanced physical and digital engineering. Developing an infrastructure and state of the art manufacturing capability to improve the health, wellness and wealth of Wales. 

Respiratory Innovation Wales in partnership with Welsh Institute of Digital Information hosted a SMARTer Home Summit to establish the scope of SMART housing within Wales and establish thematic work areas to enable better

collaboration. Currently SMART housing is seen as a contributory factor in establishing a more sustainable future for housing in Wales but is undefined in how it contributes to strategic goals in housing and health and social care. RIW and WIDI wanted to carry out a stakeholder engagement exercise to collate interested parties into the following thematic pillars of SMART Housing. 

Construction Industry Health and Social Care 
Population Digital Technology 

The inaugural Summit took place on 16th November 2022. Feedback during and after the event has been extremely positive. Following this event, RIW & WIDI believe a key component to developing any strategic output is establishing a multi-sector stakeholder analysis. Key to this analysis is identifying sector influencers, leaders and followers in order to populate the pillars of the collaboration 

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Tobacco kills more than 8 million people each year. More than 7 million of those deaths are the result of direct tobacco use while around 1.2 million are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke. Over 80% of the world’s 1.3 billion tobacco users live in low- and middle-income countries. ( Smoking also accounts for unmeasurable morbidity and economic impact from ill health, lost earnings, and lost productivity. 

The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) ( is ratified by 183 countries and ranks countries according to their tobacco control and smoking cessation services.  

Our Medical Director Prof Keir Lewis has lectured worldwide on smoking cessation (Europe, Egypt, Dubai and the Far East) and has chaired international symposia. He wrote the British Thoracic Society Guidelines on Smoking Cessation, has advised UK and European Governments, and currently Chairs his country’s ‘Help me Quit in Hospital Programme” covering 18 hospitals and 3.2 million people. 

Respiratory Innovation Wales can draw on its experience worldwide to help countries and institutions to adopt the WHO (FCTC) MPOWER measures to curb tobacco use. Specifically, RIW offers the following expert services; 

Working with your country and local institutions, we can apply learning from a country ranked top on the WHO’s FCTC to develop smoking cessation and tobacco control to help your nations health and economy going forward. 

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GENAIZ federated learning platform for the life sciences industry enable hospitals, academics and biopharma companies to share, monetize and access data as well as run AI solutions in order to improve patient outcomes and propel innovation.

During Arab Health, discover three featured machine learning algorithms from the GENAIZ AI marketplace:

RefAI: During a compound acquisition, pharma companies go through thousands of documents to determine if anything is missing. The review takes several months of valuable human resources time. RefAI is a suite of unsupervised artificial intelligence algorithms that validates the completeness of all transferred documentation, ensuring no documents go missing, by processing more than 13,000 words per minute. RefAI is twice as accurate in finding missing files, saves thousands of hours in staff time and reduced the risk of being fined in the event of an inspection.

QualitAIx: Global contract manufacturing companies look manually every ingredient to detect any changes year-over-year to get their Drug Establishment Licence. QualitAIx is a suite of unsupervised artificial intelligence algorithms that compares baselines to current organizational or manufacturing states, and reports exceptions, by processing more than 13,000 words per minute. Their team can now just validate the identified exceptions, basically less than 5% of the dataset.

ClAInix: Global contract research organizations compile manually reports from various platforms and databases. ClAInix is a suite of unsupervised artificial intelligence algorithms that allows you to explore, analyze and visualize your data in ways that were impossible before or very time-consuming — enabling you to detect patterns and gain insights that would otherwise remain hidden.

We help biopharma companies:

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ARIA-TRE uses the power of artificial intelligence to aid detection of clinically relevant information that might previously have been undetected through voice.


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online repository for 3D printable designs and product risk files to enable NHS hospitals to rapidly print suitable medical device parts and anatomical model

Oriel 3D

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Meet the Team

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