If you would like to find out more about Aria-Tre you can read about it in the following downloads:

Aria-Tre Yellow Book

The Aria-Tre yellow book Is to set out the vision and rationale for the development of the ARIA-TRE and provides the context for the innovation ecosystem it creates.

The yellow book outlines the processes and documentation that is required for membership of ARIA-TRE and ensure the 5s principles are being followed.

Aria-Tre: Green book

The ARIA-TRE green book is to support applications and applicants join the ecosystem and start researching voice analysis using ARIA-TRE.

This book outlines the documentation that is required and the process of application to ARIA-TRE. Whether you are a first time researcher or an experienced researcher, compliance with the five safe principles of trusted research environments will enable you to write research proposals that ensure participant data is correctly managed and ethically used.

Voice pattern recognition and analysis to support care in chronic disease

Advances in computing power and artificial intelligence provide great potential to derive clinically relevant information from existing physiological signals that have previously been overlooked.

Chronic diseases often manifest with abnormal breathing and speech patterns that become more pronounced under periods of physiological stress such as exercise or talking. With increasing severity these are more evident and subjectively recognisable, but can be difficult to accurately quantify.

Our primary objective is to explore the potential of the speech recordings to provide clinically relevant information about chronic disease status from the way an individual talks.

ARIA TRE  (Trusted Research Environment) will be a unique data repository designed to stream IOT voice data into a platform that drives innovative new paradigm. Voice data represents an exciting new data set that has the potential to impact on clinical, economic and research activity both with and outside of Wales.

The ARIA-TRE warehouse will be designed to allow for research and technology development to be conducted in an ethical, secure and safe environment.

Central to ARIA-TRE’s development is:- Ethical by Design.

Ethical by design image

For further information about this program, please contact: Tom Powell – ARIA-TRE Program Lead
Email: tom.powell@riwales.com

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