CEIC - Circular Economy Innovation Communities

Building a more sustainable future

Pioneered by Ellen MacArthur, the circular economy encompasses a new way of thinking. More ‘traditional’ views of the economy are more linear in thinking, where products are bought, used, and then thrown away. Put simply, the circular economy is a system in which resources such as materials and equipment are used, reused and repurposed as effectively as possible, and for as long as possible. In our case, we want the public sector in the Cardiff Capital and Swansea Bay regions to work effectively together to rethink how their resources are managed, shared in new, and existing projects and services so that they can maximise the financial, environmental and social benefits within the organisation

 For more information, please visit the CEIC web site using the link here: Home – CEIC Circular Economy Innovation Communities (ceicwales.org.uk)

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