18th October 2023

Dubai Future Accelerators,

DFA Auditorium, Emirates

Towers Boulevard – Mezzanine Floor

About the Conference

Join us at the NextGen WellTech Conference as we bridge the innovation divide between the UK and UAE, cultivating a vibrant hub of collaboration and visionary thinking. This conference is your gateway to engaging in transformative discussions about the future of WELLTech in the UAE.

With a sharp focus on tackling the unique health challenges of the region, this event promises to spark a profound evolution in wellness and healthcare. Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to be a part of shaping the future of healthcare in the UAE. Your participation is pivotal to ushering in a new era of health and well-being for the region.

3D Medical Innovations

Overview: Explore Innovative scientific and technological advancements in 3D fabrication and design for healthcare settings.

Impact: How 3D fabrication and design can enhance the quality of patient education and treatment across a range of settings.

Environmental Health Solutions

Indoor & outdoor air quality and the health impact that poor air quality has on individuals and communities in the UAE

RIW: Is uniquely placed to offer a range of air and traffic monitoring solutions to address the air quality challenges in the UAE.  

Robotics & Smoking Cessation

Overview: How Robotics can assist in smoking cessation and individual health and wellbeing.

Impact: Reducing smoking and encouraging healthier lifestyles.

Why Attend?

Bilateral Collaboration: Experience the synergy of UAE-UK collaborations, merging international expertise with local insights.

Networking: Connect with health tech pioneers, visionaries, and academia from both nations.

Insight: Understand the regional health landscape and the game-changing innovations set to transform it.


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Join us in celebrating the convergence of UAE and UK health innovations at the NextGen WellTech Conference 2023!

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Our Event Partners

At Kinsetsu, we work with healthcare, defence, government and commercial sectors to track and manage assets and environments. Our ktrack® platform collects and visualises data captured directly from your operations. In healthcare, ktrack® monitors and tracks essential medical equipment across facilities and community homes. We visualise quantity, location, usage duration, utilisation, and operational/maintenance status. This data drives decision making, reduces expenses and purchasing, ensures compliance, and reduces the time healthcare staff spend searching for clinical assets. In defence, Kinsetsu is commissioned by the UK Government to account for and locate Royal Navy personnel. We are also empowering local governments by providing data insight through smart transport, footfall counters, environmental and air quality monitoring.
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