As professionals, practicing clinicians and researchers based in Wales, RIW and its bespoke services are a significant channel that connects industry with the health and social care ecosystem.

RIW can support your organisation to translate a good idea into products, devices and approaches that will improve respiratory health and well-being in Wales and beyond.

Whether you are:

  • looking to enhance your respiratory products, devices and treatments,
  • seeking real world insights to benefit your innovations and developments,
  • undertaking research that would require collaborating with other organisations for maximum impact or
  • would like support implementing and delivering multi-site clinical trials across Wales,

then RIW can help.

Our approach will ensure that the Services we undertake for you will be tailored to meet your needs. Please see examples of some of the services we offer.

Working closely with the Welsh respiratory ecosystem, our ‘frontline’ staff and our patients, we can act as the ‘clinical connector’ engaging with commercial organisations to find new solutions to clinical challenges.

Specialist Consultancies
Our team, including Clinicians, Allied Health Professionals, Researchers/Statistician, Project/Programme/Grant Managers, Industry Relations has a successful track record and reputation both nationally and internationally in the field of Respiratory and Research and Development.

Our consultancy services will draw on this wealth of experience and knowledge, to provide your Organisation with advice to inform innovative solutions to respiratory health and well-being challenges and developments that you are facing and keen to progress.

As part of this Service, we can advise on a wide range of areas including research questions, study methodology, ethics process, IP, Spin-Out, Feasibility and grants process and development. Where your Organisation would benefit from a wider range of expertise then the Consultation Service can undertake the preparation for the establishment of a bespoke Advisory Board. See below.

Bespoke Advisory Boards
A bespoke Advisory Board will be established drawing from relevant expertise selected to support your identified needs. This may relate to particular disease areas and/or translation activities, data analytics, devices, therapeutics and novel technologies as well as the areas detailed under consultation.

RIW will work with you, through a Consultation session, to plan and establish the Advisory Board and its meeting/s and will, as required, Chair the Board meetings and manage all administrative functions on your behalf.

Patient Focus Groups
Patient insights are essential in the development of new devices, treatments and disease management strategies and therefore valuable for clinicians, academics, innovators and industry to achieve good outcomes for the end user.

Whether you:

  • require the engagement and views of respiratory patients/carers at the concept stage,
  • need to have the real world experience of patients in primary or secondary care environments,
  • require patient/carer input to evaluation projects,
  • need input to develop patient reported experience measures (PREMs)

then RIW can facilitate this drawing on the expertise of our Respiratory Patient Network to advise where necessary.

Bespoke Education Packages

Whether you are a scientist, innovator, student in the Health and Life Sciences sector, healthcare professional or in a marketing or commercial role, we can offer a bespoke respiratory training and experience package crafted to your specific needs.

Our Education and Training team can help your organisation to meet new challenges and fill the skill gaps in your workforce or to help to bring in new ideas and perspectives to further enhance product or treatment development or promotional approaches.

The training programme will be a combination of timetabled experiences and group sessions, facilitated by a member of the Respiratory Innovation Team.

There may be particular learning opportunities that are not detailed in the programme. We will be pleased to develop bespoke opportunities to meet your organisations’ unique learning objectives.

We initiate and undertake research in the field of respiratory and collaborate with other organisations to achieve maximum benefit in relation to development and scientific discovery.

We collaborate across the ecosystem including with the NHS, Health Care Research Wales, Academia and Industry partners to maximise research development, translation opportunities and evaluations adopting an outcomes-based approach to measuring impact.

As well as directly undertaking research, examples of our additional research related services that we offer include:

Grant applications – We can seek, advise, support and navigate grant proposals and applications for submissions. This can also include completing and co-ordinating collaborative grant applications. If you are interested please contact us to arrange a consultation session in the first instance.

Project Management – We can provide bespoke support to ensure that research and evaluation related proposals and projects are developed, delivered and communicated effectively throughout all stages of the project’s cycle.

Ethics – We can advise and navigate/lead the process of achieving ethics approval. See Advice and Advocacy.

Data analytics – We can advise your Organisation in relation to a robust framework and / or we provide a data analytics service to enhance your research activities.

Interested in finding out more?

Get in touch and ask us about Respiratory Innovation Wales and the services that we can offer you.