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Our mission at Health & Wellbeing 360 (formerly known as Respiratory Innovation Wales), is to innovate, educate, and collaborate to enhance the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities, and populations. Starting from high quality environmental and data science research and innovation, we seek to co-produce solutions for a better future for everyone. Working across industry, academia, the public sector, and governments, we are dedicated to advancing wellbeing for future generations through innovation in indoor and outdoor environmental quality.


Who we are


We are specialists in environment technologies that impact on human and planetary health and wellbeing. As part of the Raven Delta Group we also have expertise in advanced physical and digital engineering, developing standards, policy, legislation, and professional education within and across the built environment, supported by our collaborations with academia, industry, public sector and third sector.

What we do


We specialise in leveraging data science to improve both Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and health. Our unique strength lies in our ability to generate and utilise high-quality data that informs the development of standards and strategies. We focus on enhancing manufacturing processes and transforming built environments into healthier spaces. This approach creates a robust platform for sustainable health and wellbeing, emphasising our role as data specialists and leaders in IEQ.

What Makes Us Unique

Health & Wellbeing 360 stands out as a data powerhouse, with a clear focus on the intricacies of data quality that influence health and wellbeing standards. Our expertise in Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) places us at the forefront of health improvement initiatives, distinguishing us from competitors in the field.

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Explore our initiatives and discover how you can contribute to global change. We offer a range of community programs and collaborative projects with broad impacts, providing opportunities for everyone to get involved. Together, we can forge a world where each individual thrives in environments optimised for health and wellbeing.

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Our team of experienced technical staff, consultants and affiliates have extensive knowledge and access within the local and greater health community.

Respiratory Statistics

Overall deaths in Wales - 1 in 7 is linked to respiratory disease
Asthma sufferers in Wales - Over 314,00 people
Total UK research expenditure allocated to respitatory health
Finding ways to prevent respiratory disease, to manage and treat it more effectively, would bring about substantial benefits to health outcomes and concomitantly reduce a considerable economic burden. Additionally, focusing on economic development opportunities for those looking to innovate and develop novel and effective diagnostics, preventative devices, and better disease management strategies and treatments would make an impact.
It is estimated that the number of COPD patients in Wales, like the rest of the UK, is significantly under reported.
Multiple areas within the counties of Rhondda Cynon Taf, Merthyr Tydfil, Blaenau Gwent, Wrexham and Flintshire have a relative risk for COPD that is significantly higher than the UK average.
A higher percentage of patients in Wales are being treated for asthma (6.9%) than in other parts of the UK.
People living in areas of high deprivation are more likely to be receiving treatment for respiratory conditions than elsewhere in Wales.
Wales has a smoking prevalence of 19% and a prevalence of overweight and obese adults of 59%.
The total costs of all respiratory illness were estimated to be £165 billion including intangible costs. Excluding intangible costs proves an estimated total cost of £11.1 billion, representing 0.6% of UK GDP in 2014.
There are 49,000 unplanned hospital admissions each year for respiratory conditions in Wales with the majority being emergency admissions. The total cost of inpatient admissions in Wales in 2013/14 for just COPD and asthma amounted to over £250 million.
The total cost for prescribing for respiratory medicine in NHS Wales primary care from July 2013–June 2014 was £85.4 million. These costs relate to 5,531,434 items prescribed. Inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) alone cost £55.3 million followed by bronchodilators at £23.6 million.
Despite the above costs, the ratio of research funding to costs for respiratory disease compared to other diseases is disappointingly low. Only 1.68% of total UK research expenditure is allocated to the respiratory health category.


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