RIW GP and professional healthcare affiliates

Calling all GP’s, Care Home Managers, clinical scientists/engineers and innovators, do you wish to take a more active part in shaping the primary and secondary care sectors? Do you want more say in the testing of new technologies and more collaboration on commercial clinical trials?

RIW is looking for members to join our Affiliate program in order to progress point of care diagnostics, offer opinion on clinical trials and collaborate with clinical trial partners. Your opinions matter to us and to our innovative partners. Our affiliate program is growing fast, all the time bringing fresh ideas and approaches to an everchanging clinical market. RIW are currently involved in a diverse and dynamic portfolio of projects.

What we need from you.

  1. That nominated GP’s (if a practice joins), care managers,  scientist, engineer or innovator, participates in an advisory capacity as a member of the RIW Affiliated Clinical Advisory Group when called upon.
  2. That the affiliate supports RIW in relation to strategy and areas of interest across respiratory medicine for research and development. If called upon offers an opinion on grant proposals and other ventures, and on the potential for NHS adoption of new products.
  3. Affiliates monitor and follow RIW social media, offering comment and discussion where necessary.
  4. Direct potential business, research, advisors towards RIW if appropriate.

What do you get in return?

  1. An honorarium of £500 per year and any work conducted on behalf of RIW over and above the meetings will be paid at £150 (+VAT if applicable) per hour.
  2. Any RIW project that the Practice is involved with would be remunerated at full commercial rates in addition to affiliate fees
  3. The satisfaction of knowing that you are being heard and that you opinions matter, and the chance to make a difference.


Interested in becoming a member of our healthcare affiliates?

Use the button below to access our affiliates signup page..