Innovative approaches linking the progression of COPD

Previous studies conducted between Professors Keir Lewis and Luis Mur (Aberystwyth University) have pioneered the use of innovative approaches linked to the progression of COPD. These were based on defining the microbiome of COPD patients, which involved describing the entire collection of bacteria in a specific niche, such as the lung. Important microbial community shifts were associated with the worsening of COPD symptoms.

A new Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship (KESS 2) sponsored by RIW, is enabling the study of the COPD lung and oral microbiome to be continued. A “metagenomic” approach is being used to detail bacteria, viruses and fungi and their functional roles. The presence of antimicrobial resistance is also being explored. Insights from this study could inform doctors on how to appropriately treat COPD patients, where infection could be affecting symptoms.

S. Thomas – KESS PhD Student

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